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Scion Contagious


I literally had 2 days to finish this project just to meet the deadline and I finally uploaded it with 10 minutes left to spare. I really wish I could have devoted more time into this but realistically, I had other priorities.

Regardless, “Contagious” was the initial emotional response after I drove a Scion (TC to be particular). I was in California visiting my sister and she has a fully loaded 05′ model. I took it for a cruise down I5 and eventually absorbed that contagious Scion feeling.

Design Brief:

For this design piece, a subtle cf-based front end is mixed with the racer boy colors of vibrant red and black. As it progresses through the body lines, a balance of abstract thoughts and rhythms finally emerge. It is also complimented with an import model and a set of 18″ Volk Racing RE30’s to commemorate the Scion’s presence in the import-tuning culture.

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