As a Filipino Canadian citizen raised in Vancouver, I started my design career after receiving a Bachelor of Design degree from Emily Carr University in 2008 and quickly transitioned into the manufacturing and product design sectors. My interest in design peaked with a new fascination with the evolving transportation design trends and aesthetics. I became intrigued on how design can influence emotional and practical aspects in moving people from A to B. With this curiosity I was determined to get the best training from Art Center’s Transportation Design program in 2012.

Effortlessly, I pursued my passion with tremendous knowledge, wisdom, and endurance and quickly diversified my skills in advanced technologies, concept strategies, materials science, hand sketching, and 3D development. After learning so much from my peers, mentors, instructors, sponsors, and internships, I am ready to use my ArtCenter experience to solve problems, explore market opportunities, and push design strategies in challenging tomorrow’s transportation design needs.


A Transportation Designer (automotive, mobility, & marine) with experience practicing great diligence and creativity utilizing various design disciplines.
Able to solve diverse issues, excel in team collaboration, and apply a strong sense of micro and macro-aesthetics.

Design Expertise • Knowledge and experience in industrial, products, graphics, and 3D development.
Concept Development • Problem-solving and developing aesthetics through concept development, direction, and ideation.
Visual Communications • Exceptional skills in sketches, renderings, graphic communications, 3D modeling, and physical prototyping.
Market Research • Thorough research analysis in design trends, technologies, target audience, and consumer behavior.



ArtCenter College of Design • Pasadena, CA, USA • 2012-2016 • Bachelor of Science (Transportation Design w/ Distinction)
Emily Carr University • Vancouver, BC, Canada • 2004-2008 • Bachelor of Design (Communication Design)


For a detailed CV and hard copies of portfolio, feel free to send me a message:

Tel: (213) 378-4178
Email: jmvdesign@mail.com